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Adopt a Player

We would like to give a special  thanks to those  who have adopted players so far this year!!

  • Randy & Susan McLaughlin
  • Scott Hode
  • Gimo Berry
  • Larry Bittle
  • Walker Foundation
  • Madden Dillard: In Honor of Scott Dillard
  • Lisa & Frank Fitzgerald: In Memory of Jason Ryne Porter
  • Deborah & Bernie Brooks: In Memory of Jason Ryne Porter
  • John & Teri Cunningham: In Memory of Colleen Pagnozzi
  • McGowan Built: In Honor of the McGowan Girls

Donations made in Memory of Kim Bowen:

  • Pat & Marilyn Kelley
  • Ward & Jacqueline Sandberg
  • Joan Reynolds
  • Ronald Scott
  • Paul & Susan Antony
  • Joe & Latisha Parsley
  • Michael Hansen
  • Jeff & Julie Stroud
  • Imogene & Ellis Bowen
  • Charles & Margaret Almand
  • CS Bank
  • Patricia Stover
  • Lawrence Glenn
  • Nathan & Tiffany Young
  • Debbie Trammell
  • Janine Covington
  • Sandy Henson
  • Jeff Necessary
  • Ian Hanson
  • Lori Brown
  • Anna Elisa Juan
  • Aaron Clubb
  • Kendra Clay
  • Carla Hathorn
  • Prospects Thunder Baseball Team
  • Alicia Baker
  • Blake & Lindsey Reeves
  • Melissa Cook
  • Leah Platz
  • Brandy & Jeremy Umdenstock
  • Kerry Bradley
  • Kellye Smith
  • Mary Bradley
  • Bob Robinson
  • Marilyn Hoke
  • Sharon Kruger
  • Michael & Cynthia Garton
  • Don & Nancy Chaffee




If you wish to Adopt-a-Player, you can donate $50 in order to allow one child to play one season of the sport of their choice. You can also decide to adopt an entire team for $500, which would allow 10 children to play a season of the sport of their choice.  These are just suggested amounts based on the average cost of assistance.  Feel free to select a different amount if you would like.

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  • Children Assisted So Far in 2023


  • Children Assisted Since 1999


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